Swop A Mop,
How It Came To Be

As I sat in the airport waiting for a flight, I saw a man pushing a cleaning cart with 7 poles hanging from it; this reminded me of my cleaning storage closet at home. At that moment I said to myself, “There has to be a better way!” a more convenient, versatile way.

Based on my years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon I found inspiration in the strength, performance and durability of a hip joint insert, a surgery that I have performed hundreds of times. I thought I could somehow apply this technology to my project, something that would be mechanically stable and ergonomically designed while keeping in mind the strength and durability of a joint insert and after many hours of thinking and envisioning I developed a cleaning system and named it “Swop A Mop®”.

The system consists of a bucket with wheels, an organizer insert and wringer that are compact enough to fit into a small closet. The system has two poles, one long 52” and one short 16.5”, and several interchangeable cleaning attachments (7) that will suffice to accomplish most cleaning needs. The attachments are easily swop out of the poles with a male to female joint coupling assembly system emulating the hip joint insert technology. By having several attachments the system eliminates the need of carrying around several cleaning tools connected to individual poles. The poles also connect to the bucket so you can easily wheel all your cleaning tools from storage to the cleaning sites allowing you to have all the different cleaning accessories at your fingertips saving you time and making cleaning tasks easier, convenient and versatile.

The concept was designed by experienced engineers, manufactured under the highest quality standards and build from high grade materials. Swop A Mop is the strongest and most durable cleaning system available, is useful for most cleaning tasks or washing your vehicle!

Dr. Aileen Danko.